Individual Level

(1) Do I help the new member to feel welcome?

(2) Do I give my full attention to the speaker without interrupting, cross talking etc.

(3) Have I learnt the art of listening?

(4) Do I share with the group or do I only sit and listen.

(5) When I am asked to share, am I willing?

(6) Am I ready, willing and able to take on the responsibility of a group officer?

(7) Do I make the effort to help both open and ordinary meeting, i.e. setting up clearing tables, moving chairs with refreshments etc.

(8) Am I willing to attend and support other groups in GA.

(9) Do I criticise others in the group and take their inventory.

(10) Do I realise that my opinion may not be shared by others and can I consider their suggestions.

(11) Do I offer suggestions for the improvement of the group?

(12) Do I give advice to others instead of sharing my experiences in GA.?

(13) Do I ever repeat anything I have heard at the meetings?

(14) Do I use the telephone to help myself and or other member or just to gossip or complain?

(15) Do I dictate to the group to get my own ideas across?

(16) Do I disturb the group by coming late to meetings, leaving early or indulging in private conversations throughout meetings?

(17) Do I use the GA literature, 12 steps and the serenity prayer for my personal growth?